Monday, December 25, 2006

"Adoring Dad" verb & adjective = WordsManship

Dear Jamey boy, my joy,

Here is a scan of a paper printed copy of an original photo. The original video and still frame photo are long gone, but even this very grainy "copy of a copy of a copy" still shows a beautiful picture that I have labeled:
"Adoring Dad".

The word "adoring" has a double meaning depending on whether looking from your perspective or from my perspective.

From your perspective, your eyes and smile show that you are adoring your Dad, so the word is used as a verb.

From my perspective, my eyes and smile show a Dad well pleased with his beloved son, who is an "Adoring Dad" a Dad described by the adjective "adoring".

Notice that you are wearing "our" George Washington in Prayer Straw Hat, with your hand on the brim. This photo was taken in October anno domini 2000, after we had been separated since 8 July a.d. 2000 when I set off from our little home in Belleview to complete the New England states portion of the Prayer Pilgrimage All Across America Journey with Jesus, by George! where I prayed for you in every state capitol.

I wore that GW in Prayer straw hat while I was driving in the GW Tour Bus and before in the GMC Suburban given for the journey by a Godly man, virtually a Godfather to you, David Carl Harrison. When David was packing to travel to Oxford University in England, he found a copy of a video tape I made showing our reading a favorite book together.

Before I set off on the Prayer Pilgrimage, as a tiny toddler, your favorite toy was a bus. Your namesake Grandmother Renwick Mardel Shambach gave you a Daughters of the American Revolution yellow school bus, and you had another one that was bigger. When we would be driving about in the car, when you saw a bus, you would call out with glee, "Bus, Bus, Bus".

So when the day before Independence Day in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2000, your PaPa rolled into the red gravel driveway of our little cottage in Belleview area of Mount Vernon with a 22 seat Church Bus with the license tags "GW Tour" you were one excited little boy.

You climbed into the bus and ran up and down the aisle and inspected all the things that your PaPa had gathered on his Prayer Pilgrimage All Across America Journey with Jesus, by George!

Here you are sitting in the driver's seat looking out the window like you are reading the sign on the door:

"Anyone Can Be A
It Takes Someone Special To Be A

And when you were just 19 months old, on 18 November a.d. 1999, your PaPa took you with him to stay at the home of Bill and Cheri Grider in Chesapeake, Virginia, to do a performance as George Washington LIVES! at Stone Bridge School. Enroute we stopped at the Liberty gas station in Fredericksburg where the gas prices were much less than in Mount Vernon, and your PaPa found this front page photo of his GW performance the day before, 17 November, at Ferry Farm for the students of Fredericksburg Christian School.

Jamey I pray that someday soon you will be able to enjoy your father's teaching of our American History that is unique and highly regarded by adults and much enjoyed by children.

God bless you my son, and know that now, then and forever will your father love you!

Merry Christmas!

Your Papa,


James 1:2

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